Litigation Services

Real Time Reporting

All depositions are done in real time by the reporter. At your request, we provide on-line real time using Lexview, which allows you the capability for marking issues, making notes, or scrolling backwards or forwards in the transcript.



Transcribed Interviews - When your investigative process requires sworn statements, we can take them with a qualified reporter and deliver them to you in 10 days.

Tape Transcription - No longer can a reporting firm dictate that they will only do a specific type of work. We're the place to come if you need a tape transcribed, video or audio.



All jobs generated by Barristers' are kept on permanent file with immediate access. We regularly retrieve transcripts for clients that were completed several years ago. Some of the benefits to this service are:

• Same day access to your files that are years old.
• Get your job on any type of media.
• We store the jobs for you.



We have access to interpreters of all types - even the most exotic languages.



When your transcript needs to be in New York and Los Angeles at the same time, we can telecommunicate the work to your out of state affiliate.


Direct Bill Invoicing

We can bill your client directly, all we need is a file number and a specific contact's name.


Copy Service

Process Services


Computer Media

Many rely on the remarkable advantages to having their transcripts in one of the computer formats available. Whether you need ASCII, E-Transcript™, Cat-Links or any related media, we're happy to oblige.



For years you have needed a computer to take advantage of a complete index of your transcripts or documents. Our new index program cites every word stated, along with the page and line number, on simple form attached to your transcript. Consider the hours of research time saved for you and your staff.


Scanning / Imaging

What do you do when the exhibit, interrogatory, or important document is not in computer format? We'll provide you with a proofread, professionally scanned document in a timely manner.


Document Management

Electronic documents, whether they are word processing documents, spreadsheets, graphics, scanned images, OCR-scanned text, digitized audio or video, CAD / CAM geometrics, E-mail messages, this weeks or this years invoices, or whatever else, can invigorate and energize your flow of business like no paper document ever could.


Condensed Transcript

Why deal with the bulk of a 100-page transcript when for less than copying charges you can have the same transcript in a 9-page document in newsprint style.